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Feet are a very complicated part of the human form, and they probably don’t get enough respect.  Did you know: About three quarters of the US population will experience foot problems at some time in their lives; over half of them are over the age of 50, but about 35% are between the ages of […]

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High Heals 0

Love High Heels but Hate Foot Pain? When it comes to shoes, especially high heels, we’ve accepted the French saying “Il faut que souffrir pour être belle” (one must suffer to be beautiful).  A pair of clunky orthotic shoes is never going to become high fashion, one does not have to suffer foot pain to […]

Plantar Fasciitis…More Like Plantar Ouch! 0

Foot pain can cause great difficulty and discomfort in many lives and in many different forms, but fortunately, Good Feet has always been a step ahead in foot research. Sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis, a common form of inflammation, may now join other satisfied customers in relief from this debilitating condition. Research into pediatrics have yielded […]


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Kiss Your Foot Pain Goodbye! 0

Most people go years simply accepting that foot pain is a part of life. Others suffer from mobility-limiting conditions like plantar fasciitis that make walking a chore. Foot pain is not a condition that should simply be tolerated and ignored. If you are dealing with chronic pain in your feet, there are solutions that will […]

What Causes Foot Pain & How to Alleviate or Eliminate It 0

Isn’t it true that when your feet hurt, you hurt all over?  Though foot pain and discomfort is associated with many different things, there are some common threads.  Here are some interesting facts:  All pain is transmitted to the brain by nerves. Pain is usually associated with inflammation and swelling, so if it is red […]

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Preventing Foot Pain & Injury While Maintaining an Active Lifestyle 0

The following basic principles are critical for foot and ankle injury prevention.  These principles are not hard to follow and can be very effective.   Keep the body in a healthy condition A healthy body has a better ability to resist harmful environmental and biomechanical influences.   Eliminate harmful influences Your workout and exercise routine […]

Good Feet Are Just a Step Away 0

Imagine a world with no concrete floors, or extended hours standing on hard surfaces; a world with nothing but sandy beaches and grassy plains to walk on.  What a wonderful feeling!  Sand between your toes and soft grass comforting every step.  With this environment, the foot was able to do what it needed to do […]

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Foot Pain Relief With Shoes

Walk A Mile…in the Right Shoes 0

Your feet are the foundation of your body. That means 2% of your body mass is supporting the remaining 98%. When you stop to consider it, that’s amazing. What’s also amazing is that feet are often the most overlooked body part when it comes to your overall health. That is, until there’s a problem. Some […]